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Republicans Didn’t Get Obama Message

Some in the GOP want to sink the jobs bill even though they like it, report Marin Cogan and Jake Sherman: “House Republicans may pass bits and pieces of President Barack Obama’s jobs plan, but behind the scenes, some Republicans are becoming worried about giving Obama any victories — even on issues the GOP has supported in the past. And despite public declarations about finding common ground with Obama, some Republicans are privately grumbling that their leaders are being too accommodating with the president. ‘Obama is on the ropes; why do we appear ready to hand him a win?’ said one senior House Republican aide who requested anonymity to discuss the matter freely. ‘I just don’t want to co-own the economy by having to tout that we passed a jobs bill that won’t work or at least won’t do enough.'”

via Wonkbook: The question Obama’s jobs plan can’t answer – The Washington Post.

“Snatching press releases from the jaws of policy concessions” via Wonkbook

Well, that was unexpected. After months of negotiations, after the White House offered Republicans a deal that would raise the Medicare eligibility age and cut Social Security by hundreds of billions of dollars and forswear any future leverage on the tax issue, McConnell countered with a deal in which the two sides wouldn’t so much reach an agreement as they would agree that if they don’t reach an agreement, Republicans will let Obama raise the debt ceiling and Obama will let Republicans criticize him for it.

McConnell is an evil, evil genius. He realizes the kids in the House aren’t going to let a deal happen and understands the importance of raising the debt ceiling.

While I don’t like the man at all, this is an extremely well played political move. My hat is off to you, Mr. McConnell