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The Bad Guy

Thought Catalog:

But sometimes, it’s you. Sometimes you are the bad guy. You are not very nice sometimes. Just as you don’t deserve other people at their worst, neither do they deserve you at yours. Sometimes you’re the one who stood someone up. Sometimes you’re the one who got frustrated in a store and decided to take it out on the shop assistant getting paid a minimum wage who has been on his or her feet for eight hours prior and is trying their very best to stay professional with you. Sometimes you let toxic words tumble off your tongue.

Sometimes there was no excuse for what you did. There was no extraneous factor that forced you to act in a way that was despicable. There was only you and your choices — the only things responsible for your words and actions. You lost your sense of awareness and you forgot about everybody else around you, who do not serve the purpose of populating your life as mere cameo appearances, but live their own terrifyingly real stories.

Nailed it.

on trying


Hearts are extremely resilient. They can take a beating, emerge bruised and bleeding, and still have the strength to stand up to fight another day. So let’s give ourselves more leeway than we usually do: know that choosing to feel it all during those moments when pain threatens to overwhelm is one firm step towards being okay again one day.