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Product Placement in The Wire?

In Season 4 Episode 2 “Soft Eyes” Weebay’s son Namond goes up to his room and turns on the tv.  He grabs an Xbox controller, changes the channel, and starts playing Halo 2.  Take a look at this screen grab below.  Anything seem just a little off to you?


I played enough Halo 2 in college to know that the “Halo 2” logo was not in the middle of the screen at the bottom there during game play.

So I have two theories on this; it’s either a) sloppy editing, which probably is the case or b) Microsoft was paying for that product placement.  I feel like Davis Simon wouldn’t sell out like that, especially with a show like The Wire.  But  throughout the series, I’m fairly certain that when a video game is played, they are always using Xbox controllers.  Coincidence?

Yeah, I probably wouldn’t be offended if you’re thinking I need to get a life.