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“Facebook Holding Special Event This Wednesday” via TechCrunch


We’re going to try to find out what’s being announced, but here are a few guesses:

iPad: The lack of an official Facebook iPad app has been glaring since the device launched six months ago, and while some third party apps have stepped up to the plate (and done very well financially), a Facebook app is still nowhere to be seen.

Why does Facebook need an iPad app? You have Safari, which displays the website way better than any app could. Also, if they have an app, how would they get the revenue from the personalized ads they have on the website? The iPhone app doesn’t have ads, and I’m betting Facebook isn’t that thrilled about the lost cash there.

The Blueprint for Digital Publishing


So as I posted yesterday, Jay has a new book coming out that breaks down his lyrics. Yes, I know this is the millionth Jay post of the week, and I’ll freely admit that I’m a Jay stan. Anyway, I was reading a book on my iPad when I realized that “Decoded” would be the perfect book to take advantage of a digital format.

Most publishers haven’t figured out how to capitalize on a device like the iPad. Look at all the magazine at have made their way to the iPad. They all suck. None of them really utilize multimedia like they could (and should). I understand why traditional books haven’t done this. Most people don’t want to see a video or hear a sound while they are reading a novel. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Jay’s book is different. It’s not a novel. It’s analyzing another medium, music. I’d love to see this book incorporate elements of audio as well as video. If a song he’s explaining had a video, meld it into the digital page. Since these are all songs, add the audio in the background while you’re reading the lyrics so you can listen as well. I’d love to hear the line in the song and then hear the accompanying segment of the book breaking down what that meant. Jay could do it almost as a across between audiobook style and the video from my earlier post on “Most Kingz.”. I’d gladly paid more for the digital version of the book than the print if he did this.

I don’t know how the book will be laid out or the format, but I think this would be an excellent way to experience these lyrics. So Jay, if this post somehow makes it into your view, please consider taking advantage of this new digital frontier and transform the publishing world like your little brother is trying to do to the record industry with his G.O.O.D. Friday releases.