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Sad Day


RIP Google Reader.

I’m actually pretty pissed at Google about this. I use Reader more than any other web service out there. That includes Facebook, Twitter, and even Gmail. Reader is a great service. I get that RSS didn’t pick up with normal people, and Google would rather have you “circle” news outlets and blogs on G+. But come on. I seriously hope Google reconsiders this move and hope that the people who do use Reader will be very vocal about this.

Google runs my life. From calendar to contact to mail to chat, my life has been tied to Google for many, many years. I never in a million years thought I’d question my relationship with the company. Until now.

In case you were wondering…


  1. Spot Sharebeast embedded media file
  2. Open source
  3. Find: “<iframe src=”;file=”
  4. Copy [file number]
  5. Go to[file number]
  6. You’re welcome



Foursquare – Great Customer Service

Tonight, a few former coworkers and I went out for drinks to catch up and hangout.  Being the “social media” guy, I checked in on Foursquare.  Low and behold the venue had a deal with the service.  However, when we showed it to the proprietors, they told us the deal wasn’t valid.  I thought this was strange and sent a tweet to @foursquare about it and CC’d Foursquare’s CEO, Dennis Crowley.


I didn’t expect Denis to reply, but sure enough within minutes, I received a notification on my Blackberry from Dennis.




Surprised, I responded to Dennis and team to give them a little color on the deal.  Jake got right back to me explaining what happened.




User error.  Considering we were at a bar (with a few drinks in our system) and didn’t follow the directions on the check-in to sync our AMEX card, that makes sense.  But I was amazed at how quickly these guys got back to me.  They didn’t have to and probably had way better things to do on a Tuesday night, but they took the time to make sure a user was taken care of.  That’s just great customer service.

Dennis and Jake – thanks for taking the time to care about the user.  It was completely our screw up, but you guys still took the time to help.  That’s awesome and really appreciated.

Dropbox Might Have Some Competition

But here’s the real key: there will also be native syncing software that you install on your various computers and mobile devices. Yes, like Dropbox.

This was also true back in the day with GDrive, but again, the service (codenamed: Platypus) was said to be very buggy. Now it is said to work well. If you have a document on your computer that you want to move to another one, you simply drag and drop it into this new Google Drive sync app. Or, of course, you can use the web.

via Yes, Google Drive Is Coming. For Real This Time. | TechCrunch.


I use both Dropbox and Google Docs.  It will be interesting to see if Google Docs will convert Office docs to work with Google Docs if they are update through the desktop instead of the web.  If the files transfer/sync works like Dropbox and doesn’t convert the files, I might be switching my cloud storage systems.