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Colts Should Look to 2012

And if Manning misses the first few games and the Colts flounder, why rush him back? Why not shelve him for the season, get him healthy, use 2011 to rebuild and emulate the 1997 San Antonio Spurs (who tanked after David Robinson got injured and were rewarded with Tim Duncan) with the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes looming?

via Grantland.

I’m normally not one to throw in the towel for the season on Week One, but Simmons has a point here.  If Peyton were ready to play at the end of the season, it would be meaningless.  They have no shot at the playoffs with the current team.  The Colts haven’t drafted well the past few years.  This would be ideal to retool for 2012 with a high draft pick.  I now have something to cheer for this season, smh.