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One of the Cooler Moments in My Career

Yesterday I was discussing the funding announcement with Fred on Kik, and needed him to coordinate with Steven from our PR team, whom he hadn’t yet met. Instead of opening up Gmail to send the standard intro email, I simply added Steven to the conversation. Click, click, click. I made the introduction, and then left the conversation so that they could continue without me. Fred later messaged me to say “Wow. That’s very elegant.”

The reason this works so well is because this is how conversations work in real life. I didn’t need to get Fred and Steven together in person, name ourselves “The Intro Group,” create a bunch of sports jerseys that say “The Intro Group” on the back, and then make the introduction. No. I’m talking to Fred, I call over Steven, and the conversation continues. This is how we approached group conversations in Kik, and we think you’ll really like it.


Back in March I was fortunate to work with Kik, a group messaging service, on a new product launch, funding announcement, and SXSW.  They’re a great team and Ted, Kik’s CEO, is a really smart kid who I have a ton of respect for.

Anyway, the snippet above is from a blog post Ted wrote on the new version release I helped with and how he connected me with Fred Wilson, principal of Union Square Venture and one of Kik’s backers.  I’ve been reading Fred’s blog for awhile and was super stoked to get a chance to interact with him.  It was definitely a personal highlight in my pr career.

If you’re interested, here is the article that came out of Fred and my interaction.