Foursquare – Great Customer Service


Tonight, a few former coworkers and I went out for drinks to catch up and hangout.  Being the “social media” guy, I checked in on Foursquare.  Low and behold the venue had a deal with the service.  However, when we showed it to the proprietors, they told us the deal wasn’t valid.  I thought this was strange and sent a tweet to @foursquare about it and CC’d Foursquare’s CEO, Dennis Crowley.


I didn’t expect Denis to reply, but sure enough within minutes, I received a notification on my Blackberry from Dennis.




Surprised, I responded to Dennis and team to give them a little color on the deal.  Jake got right back to me explaining what happened.




User error.  Considering we were at a bar (with a few drinks in our system) and didn’t follow the directions on the check-in to sync our AMEX card, that makes sense.  But I was amazed at how quickly these guys got back to me.  They didn’t have to and probably had way better things to do on a Tuesday night, but they took the time to make sure a user was taken care of.  That’s just great customer service.

Dennis and Jake – thanks for taking the time to care about the user.  It was completely our screw up, but you guys still took the time to help.  That’s awesome and really appreciated.